Welcome to the Bay of Plenty Lawn Mower Racing clubs Home page.

We have been formed through the need to get the sport of Lawnmower racing up and running in the Bay. The clubs main aims are to promote Mower Racing as fun low cost form of motorsport. We also want to keep Lawnmower racing an affordable sport and so the rules we have set up reflect this.

We are an incorporated society with an elected committee to formalise our events and provide the structure that a professional organisation requires.

We have regular events that we attend locally and around the country .We currently have about 20 members with a wide range of ages. We encourage the family aspect and have set up classes for younger members to participate in.

Feel free to check out forum or contact any of our committee for further information.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Our facebook page https://m.facebook.com/BayWaikatoMowerRacingClub/